Nerve Pain

My husband practices Cardiology and has always had a very skeptical view of alternative medicine, but one that I have welcomed because I really believe that Tibetan medicine works. My view is that I shouldn’t have to argue on behalf of the treatment but that it will be obvious by it’s results.  Over the years I have given him herbs for colds, flus, etc. but recently treated him for severe nerve pain in his shoulder and neck.  He was very happy with the outcome and wrote a short testimonial.  This is what he had to say.  Be warned, it reads like a physician’s dictation.
” I am an active, healthy 61 year old Allopathic physician who rides a motorcycle.   In the course of my riding I developed a condition know as occipital neuralgia.  This is a potentially debilitating condition characterized as severe regional migratory pain with triggers such as cool temperatures or wind.  I was unable to ride my motorcycle or even drive my car with open windows or air-conditioning, despite severe summer heat.  I was concerned as conventional medical therapeutics are limited to strong neurologically active drugs or mechanical denervation, i.e. nerve interruption procedures, which is a surgical or more recently oblation using alternating electrical currents to destroy the nerve.  I have been amazed by the prompt efficacy of Tibetan treatments consisting of horme and herbs.  I have enjoyed prompt and significant relief with absolutely no untoward effects and I am delighted.”  – Tom Weil, M.D., F.A.C.C.