Lard Head?

Last week my daughter commented on her friend’s lustrous, silky hair and asked her what she used.  The answer surprised her and me also.  This kind of sounds like one of those ads that you might see in the sidebar of Facebook but in this case the product really is available in your local grocery store […]

Community Spring Cleanse

Join us in a Community Spring Cleanse! April 13-19, 2014 Cleansing is an excellent way to rid your body of any excess oils, toxins, wastes and fluids that have accumulated over the winter months. Clearing out is like a re-set for the body and mind, which then allows us to build back up with the […]

Seasonal Behavior for the Spring

In order to explain seasonal behavior I would like to explain briefly what happens during the Winter. During winter, the sun moves South and the whole outer environment becomes colder. This cold causes the pores to close and our inner heat is ignited by wind and becomes stronger. If we eat too little food at […]