Being in Harmony in Difficult Times

I have been thinking of you all during these challenging and crazy times.  First let me say that I cancelled all my face-to-face appointments and am currently available only for online consultations.  Previously I reserved online consults only for people far away who couldn’t make it to Massachusetts.  Although not perfect (since I can’t take […]

Digestion and Mental Health

Another fascinating conjunction of ideas occurs in the correlation of the digestive process and mental health.  Researchers at Caltech, published a paper showing that serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter and often called the happy molecule, is produced mainly in the gut.  A senior author of the study Elaine Hsiao explains, ”More and more studies are showing […]

Microbiomes & Nye Pas

The theories and methods of Western or Allopathic medicine and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) are quite different but there are some interesting overlaps.  Digestion and the digestive process is of paramount importance and has long been a major focus in Tibetan Medicine. In TTM digestion is seen as extremely important to understand and be able […]

Protecting Our Digestion

Digestion and the digestive process are considered of utmost importance in Tibetan Medicine and is a major focus of study.  A weak or impaired digestion can lead to many chronic diseases.  Although in Tibetan medicine each person is considered individually, there are also some general suggestions that we can all follow to maintain basic digestive […]

Ancient Buddhist Wisdom to Heal Modern Suffering

Tibetan medicine originated in the shamanistic culture of Zhangshung 4000 years ago. How can something so old possibly be relevant to us today? Especially when it comes to medicine. Here in the West we pride ourselves on having the best possible medical care with the latest scientific findings. As it turns out Tibetan medicine has […]

Tastes of Summer

Tastes of Summer: All summer I have wanted to post about the great fruit and vegetables that my garden is providing. Now summer is almost over and autumn is knocking on our door so I’ll have to hurry to get in at least one or two of my favorites.  Ok, so this isn’t Tibetan medicine […]

Tibetan Medicine and Dharma

Recently I was on retreat and one of the teachers read this quote by Atisha, an 11th century Buddhist scholar and monk who helped the spread of Buddhism in Tibet. I like it and thought I would share it with you. The greatest achievement is selflessness The greatest worth is self mastery The greatest quality […]

Bone Broth

Bone Broth: Bone broth is an excellent source of easily digested and assimilated minerals and nutrients, and healthy fats. Its high in calcium, iron, and especially nourishing for pregnant, postpartum and nursing women, menstruating women, anyone recovering from blood loss or surgery, people with degenerative bone loss or healing broken bones, for any rLung (wind) […]

Nerve Pain

My husband practices Cardiology and has always had a very skeptical view of alternative medicine, but one that I have welcomed because I really believe that Tibetan medicine works. My view is that I shouldn’t have to argue on behalf of the treatment but that it will be obvious by it’s results.  Over the years […]

Sleep Apnea

Thank you to all the lovely people who attended the discussion on Insomnia at the Rubin Museum recently.  It made me realize that this is a huge concern for many people and I know that lack of sleep can really affect quality of life.  There was only time to have three people come on stage […]