Nerve Pain

My husband practices Cardiology and has always had a very skeptical view of alternative medicine, but one that I have welcomed because I really believe that Tibetan medicine works. My view is that I shouldn’t have to argue on behalf of the treatment but that it will be obvious by it’s results.  Over the years I have given him herbs for colds, flus, etc. but recently treated him for severe nerve pain in his shoulder and neck.  He was very happy with the outcome and wrote a short testimonial.  This is what he had to say.  Be warned, it reads like a physician’s dictation.
” I am an active, healthy 61 year old Allopathic physician who rides a motorcycle.   In the course of my riding I developed a condition know as occipital neuralgia.  This is a potentially debilitating condition characterized as severe regional migratory pain with triggers such as cool temperatures or wind.  I was unable to ride my motorcycle or even drive my car with open windows or air-conditioning, despite severe summer heat.  I was concerned as conventional medical therapeutics are limited to strong neurologically active drugs or mechanical denervation, i.e. nerve interruption procedures, which is a surgical or more recently oblation using alternating electrical currents to destroy the nerve.  I have been amazed by the prompt efficacy of Tibetan treatments consisting of horme and herbs.  I have enjoyed prompt and significant relief with absolutely no untoward effects and I am delighted.”  – Tom Weil, M.D., F.A.C.C.

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  1. I have suffered with Neuropathy for over 14 years. I have tried accupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and now I am trying Epidural Steroid Shots for the second or third times. My friend tells me I should try Tibetan Medicine, and I did try Agar which seems to improve my stress levels, and improve my mood. Do you really feel that Tibetan herb treatments might give me permanent or significant relief from nerve pain?

  2. Hello there, I think that a qualified Tibetan doctor would take a complete history and then recommend a full spectrum of treatment. It would include diet, behavior, herbs and most likely external therapies such as horme and kunye, which are both often indicated in nerve disorders. I can’t say specifically for your case, not having done a complete medical history, but Tibetan Medicine is very effective in these type of problems. The way a diagnosis and treatment are planned takes into account not only every aspect of the patient’s life but the symptons that we look for are often things that other systems don’t pay attention to or don’t associate with the same disorder. In any case I would definitely say that I believe there is a good chance it could help. Best wishes, Anasuya

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